Magnum Contact Sheets

We’ve always been fans of film contact sheets, and they don’t come much better than from Magnum photographers. They are having their Seasonal Benefit for the International Committee of the Red Cross by selling contact sheet prints from some of their best. Grab yourself one, it’s for a good cause.

Alex Beck

Alex Beck is a painter and illustrator based in Arlington, Virginia who creates paintings with a spooky feel.


Jeff Levingston

Australian photographer Jeff Levingston.

Nicolas Barrome

Loving the latest project by French illustrator Nicolas Barrome.


Grand Chamaco

Grand Chamaco is a Mexican design/artist creating unique 3D style objects.

True Grit

Sydney based illustrator and designer Andrew Fairclough has just released a new Skillshare video called True Grit that shows you how he creates his awesome texture based work.

Joshua Flint

Portland, OR based artist Joshua Flint creates painterly figurative artwork.


The Bakery

The Bakery is a studio based in Moscow, Russia that produce some stylish design work.

Yunsung Jang

Portraits by Brooklyn based artist Yunsung Jang.


Daehyun Kim

Daehyun Kim is a Korean artist who creates delicate illustrations.


Cayce Zavaglia

Cayce Zavaglia is a US artist who has a very unique technique to create beautiful portraits.


Christina Mrozik

Stunning work from Michigan, USA based artist Christina Mrozik.


Spencer Cotton

Beautiful work by San Francisco based photographer Spencer Cotton.

Martin Albrecht

Freak your eyes out with the Vortex collection by Martin Albrecht, who is apparently the International Man of Danger.

Zhou Fan

Contemporary Chinese artist Zhou Fan creates images based on his childhood dreams. They come to life as delicate neon visions on acid and are beautiful to behold.


Pixel Awards

Design is Kinky is proud to be a partner of the 10th Annual Pixel Awards, which are currently are open for entries. The competition is open to all companies, organisations and individuals involved in making the best work in digital. The deadline for submissions is December 5, 2015 so get your entries in soon!

Michael Gillette

British born, San Francisco based, artist Michael Gillette has just released a new book featuring his very cool illustrations related to music.


Meghan Howland

US artist Meghan Howland creates painterly portraits and figurative pieces.



Stylish design work by Spanish studio Patten.

Rachel Tribout

We’re loving the Portraits series by Hobart based artist Rachel Tribout.


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