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We are very happy to announce that Design is Kinky is partnering with Jacky Winter and Media Arts Lawyers to bring The Business event to Sydney on 9 May 2015. Unique within the creative industry, The Business is an event that focuses on arming you with practical information about the essentials of starting, sustaining, or growing an emerging creative practice. If you’re a young creative of any variety, or even experienced and looking for a refresher, then The Business is an event that you should not miss. Check the site for details and to purchase your tickets.

Andreas Wikström

Interesting simple and iconic design work by Swedish designer Andreas Wikström.

Barry X Ball

Unbelievable sculptures by NYC dwelling artist Barry X Ball.


Thomas Prior

New York City based photographer Thomas Prior captures the sublime.

Robert beatty

Kentucky, USA based designer Robert Beatty produces psychedelic record cover artwork.

Valentin Fischer

Valentin Fischer is an artist based in Stuttgart, Germany.


Studio Small

New site, new work by StudioSmall.

Justin Tyler Norton

Captivating portraiture photography by American artist Justin Tyler Norton.

Basis by Colophon

Basis by Colophon. Originally drawn for redesign of HOTSHOE magazine, 36 and some months later comes the full family.

Alessandro Penso

Italian documentary photographer Alessandro Penso.

Alpha tone

Loving the wallpaper patterns designed by Alpha-tone, a side project by illustrator Patrick Weber.

Tristan Casey

Photography that fills you with life and wanderlust. Strong work by Canadian photographer Tristan Casey.

Julia Parris

Julia Parris is a freelance photographer & art director based in New York, her body of work is beautifully colourful.

Studio FNT

Studio FNT is a Seoul based graphic design studio that collects fragmented and straying thoughts, and then organises and transforms them into relevant forms.

Sofi Azaïs

Sofi Azaïs is a talented graphic designer who splits her time between London and France working for a variety of different clients.

Ismael Fuentes

We’re enjoying the painterly approach of Spanish artist Ismael Fuentes.


Adrienne Stein

US artist Adrienne Stein.


Jim Mangan

Photographer Jim Mangan captures vast landscape and scenes on his travels.

Evie Cahir

We’re loving the simplicity and style in the work of Melbourne based artist Evie Cahir.


James Gulliver Hancock

Talented Australian illustrator James Gulliver Hancock has just released a second in his book series where he draws (almost) every building in a city. This one is on Sydney.

István Szugyiczky

Beautiful work by Hungarian designer, István Szugyiczky.

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