Andrew Newton

The works from quite a few years ago now, but we’re loving the in-your-face realism of British artist Andrew Newton’s Hyper-Realism series.


Erin Anderson

Beautiful new work by Erin Anderson an artist based out of Pennsylvania, USA.


Alexandra Levasseur

Beautiful work by Canadian artist Alexandra Levasseur.


May 1st reboot

Design is Kinky was proud to support the awesome May 1st Reboot, which, as the date suggests, happened over the last few days. It saw over 3,000 launched and re-launched websites join the project. very cool. Check the site for a Showcase of the rebooted projects and don’t miss it next year!

Daniel Coves

Spanish artist Daniel Coves has a real knack for painting the back of peoples heads.


Rui Palha

Rui Palha is a documentary photographer from Lisbon, Portugal.

Stephanie Buer

We recently revisited the portfolio of Portland artist Stephanie Buer and were blown away by her new work, in particular her drawings.


Woody Gooch

Beautiful work from Australian photographer Woody Gooch.

Tony Rodriguez

Florida based illustrator Tony Rodriguez.

Michael Sanderson

Michael Sanderson is a Portland based illustrator with a unique artistic style who focuses on the male figure.

The Good Pin Club

If you happen to like putting pins on your gear, or even if not, you should check out the Good Pin Club. They work with a different illustrator each month to create a pin with all proceeds going to a charity. A very worthy project.

Bren Luke

Beautiful line work from Australian illustrator Bren Luke.

Clio Newton

Love the large scale charcoal drawings of US artist Clio Newton.


Leib Chigrin

Stippled portraits from Ukraine based illustrator Leib Chigrin.


David Carson Short Film

If you’ve been in the graphic design game for a while you’ll be well aware of the work of David Carson, arguably the world’s most well known graphic designer. The crew at Dress Code in New York have put together a short film on Carson called All For a Few Good Waves that gives you a bit of insight into the design legend.

Stephanie Scholz

New work from Berlin based illustrator and designer Stephanie Scholz.


Yoke, a creative studio based in Melbourne, have put together some fun, and true, graphics called ‘9 tough decisions designers face every day’. They’re client work is nice as well.

Jason Fiske

Oregon based Jason Fiske is a bit of a jack-of-all-trades, working as a designer, artist, woodworker and photographer.


Atelier Olschinsky

Impressive work by Vienna based design duo, Atelier Olschinsky.

Nick Archer

Vibrant painterly landscapes by British artist Nick Archer.


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