Ewelina Koszykowska

Stunning paintings by Polish born, London based artist Ewelina Koszykowska.


Pat Perry

How did we not know about Pat Perry? Better late than never I guess. Check out the work of this Michigan based artist for yourself.


Sandra Dieckmann

Nature inspired illustrations by London dwelling Sandra Dieckmann.



Graphic design by UK based Boyce.

Joanne Nam

Beautiful work by Los Angeles based artist Joanne Nam.


Joseba Elorza

Spanish artist Joseba Elorza creates quirky collages that are beautiful produced. His music video for Air Review is particularly nice.


Vicky Moon

Los Angeles based photographer Vicky Moon has an eye for beautiful architecture and light. We particularly like her Expired L.A series.

Andrea Kowch

Beautiful work by Michigan based artist Andrea Kowch.


Benoit Challand

Mind-bending digital art, 3D illustration and typography from Benoit Challand.

Frau Grau

Brilliant colours and shapes from Berlin-based illustrator, Frau Grau.



Jacky Winter Gives You the Business is here to arm you with the essentials of starting, sustaining, or growing an emerging creative practice. The nuts and bolts. The brass tacks. The nitty gritty. The meat and potatoes. The business end. Happening next year in Melbourne as part of Supergraph, 14th & 15th Feb 2015 at Melbourne Museum Theatrette.

Guillaume Kayacan

Guillaume Kayacan is a portrait & commercial photographer based out of Brussels. Some intensely good shots of musicians in his portfolio, most notably Kid Noize and Die Antwoord.

Catherine Losing

Catherine Losing is a still life photographer, shooting luxury to everyday objects bursting with colour and personality.

Alex Lewis

Strong display of design and photography by Manchester based Alex Lewis, a recent graduate of Bath School of Arts.

Justin Gorman

Beautiful portfolio and journal by Portland based creative director Justin Gorman.

Kindred Studio

Sydney based Kindred Studios produces a range of work including illustration and design for print and digital.

Eddie O'Keefe

Los Angeles based photographer, Eddie O’Keefe.


Interesting work out of Paris based graphic design studio, Zoo.

Alexandros Vasmoulakis

Greek artist Alexandros Vasmoulakis blends pop and expressionist elements to create colourful vibrant work.


Keith Negley

Stylish illustration work by Keith Negley.


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