Snakehole Exhibition

The Snakehole have an exhibition featuring 16 top female artists opening this Saturday night (29th Nov). It’s called Hither Thither and Yon and will be shown at The Nook Gallery.

Jonathan Zawada

Selection of some of work and photos by Australian artist Jonathan Zawada


Beautiful design work by Barcelona based studio Toormix.

Sean Morris

His site, annoyingly, does not have much work on it but check the shop for some examples of the highly talented artist, Sean Morris.


Michael Coyne

Check out the work of talented Australian documentary photographer Michael Coyne.

Chamo San

Barcelona based Illustrator and artist Chamo San.


Randy P. Martin

Forever traveling Randy P. Martin takes beautiful photographs of expansive landscapes sometimes dotted with people.

Toby Morris

At various points in every day Toby Morris is an illustrator, art director, comic artist and designer.


Cynthia Kittler

Beautiful illustrations and collages from Offenbach-based Cynthia Kittler.


Association of Illustrators

The Association of Illustrators has just launched their World Illustration Awards 2015. Get your entries in.

Annica Lydenberg

Dirty Bandits showcases the type work of Annica Lydenberg, a San Francisco based designer.

Mustafa Seven

Stunning documentary photography by Turkish photographer Mustafa Seven.

Interesni Kazki

Interesni Kazki produces beautifully detailed drawings and paintings.


Nicolas Barrome

Very cool illustrations by Nicolas Barrome.


Greg Foley

Award-winning author-illustrator Greg Foley grew up in Austin, Texas. He now designs and creative-directs Visionaire, V Magazine, VMAN and VFiles and lives in Greenwich Village, New York.

Draws Words

DRAWSWORDS is an Amsterdam-based studio for graphic design, art direction, and endless amounts of enthusiasm.

Jean-Baptiste Courtier

Jean-Baptiste Courtier is a French artist with an unique approach to photography.


Teagan White

Beautiful illustration from Chicago based Teagan White.


Meet the miniature world of Cape Town artist Lorraine Loots. Beginning with her 365 Postcards For Ants project, each day she creates a unique little painting with the assistance of a magnifying glass.


Graeme Berglund

Graeme Berglund, a Canadian artist based in Vancouver, creates cityscape paintings full of light and in interesting compositions.


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