Stuart Holland

Great work by US artist Stuart Holland.


Leah Yerpe

Nice drawings by Brooklyn based artist Leah Yerpe.


Andy Denzler

We’re enjoying the painterly approach in the figurative work of Swiss artist Andy Denzler.


Sverre Malling

Revisiting the work of Norwegian artist Sverre Malling.


Alexander Davis

Beautiful landscape photography by Alexander Davis.

Joshua Smith

Amazing detail in the work of Australian miniaturist artist Joshua Smith.


Kevin Palme

We’re loving the super-realistic ice paintings by US artist Kevin Palme.


Beau Bernier Frank

Californian artist Beau Bernier Frank creates interesting work.


Frank Oriti

We’re loving the portraits by Frank Oriti, a painter based in Cleveland, USA.


Taysa Jorge

Lovely work by Spanish photographer, from the Canary Islands, Taysa Jorge.

World Design Rankings

Wondering where your country ranks in the World Design Rankings, as put together by the A’Design Awards team? Check the link for your rank. Image by past winner D.O.T.S.

Alexey Titarenko

Fine art photography by Russian artist Alexey Titarenko.

Pierre Putman

We’ve posted his site previously, but can’t help highlighting again the beautiful work by Belgium based photographer Pierre Putman.

Pippa Young

Revisiting the work of talented British artist Pippa Young.


Mary Henderson

US-based artist Mary Henderson creates awesome hyper-real snapshots of teenage life.


Kerry Simmons

Beautiful graphite (and other) work by New York based artist Kerry Simmons.


Jun Cen

Chines born, US-based, illustrator Jun Cen.


Brendon Burton

Enjoy the work of Portland, Oregon based photographer Brendon Burton.

Cobi Moules

Loving the slightly odd work of US-based artist Cobi Moules.


Aaron Nagel exhibition

We are big fans of the work of Aaron Nagel. He has an exhibition opening on 4 Jan at Lyons Wier Gallery in New York. Check it out if you’re in the area.

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