Gareth Phillips

UK based photographer Gareth Phillips.

Change The Thought

Denver based design studio Change The Thought have recently put up some nice new work. Check them out.

Johan Barrios

Johan Barrios is a painter based in Medellin, Colombia.


Ashley Oubré

Washington DC photo-realist artist Ashley Oubré creates beautiful black&white artwork that fools the idea with it’s crazy level of detail.


Potato Unit

There’s not a lot of information about Potato Unit online, but apparently his name is Wayne and he’s from San Jose. He is also a very talented photographer.

Miguel Sousa

Miguel Sousa aka Heymikel is a designer and illustrator based out of Madrid, Spain.

Tony Rodriguez

Tony Rodriguez is an illustrator living and working out of Tampa, Florida.

Jason Liu

Beautiful work by photographer Jason Liu.

Cinta Vidal

Cinta Vidal is a Spanish painter who works out of a small village near Barcelona.



Karaska is a collage artist from Kiev, Ukraine.


Laura E Kennedy

Hobart, Tasmania based artist Laura E Kennedy.


Kamalky Laureano

Hyper-realism from Mexico City based artist Kamalky Laureano.


Estudio Primo

Estudio Primo is the wrk of talented Spanish designer Jorge Elósegui Astrain.

Rebecca Green

Denver, USA based illustrator and fine artist Rebecca Green creates beautiful work.


Kemi Mai

Kemi Mai is a talented portrait painter from Manchester, UK.


Simon Prades

German illustrator Simon Prades creates work for top clients such as The New York Times, Esquire, Empire and more.

Candice Tripp

South African born, UK based artist Candice Tripp creates beautifully detailed, and sometimes spooky, paintings.


Natalie Foss

Natalie Foss is a freelance illustrator based in Oslo, Norway.


Jorge Chamorro

Jorge Chamorro is a collage artist who spends his time between Berlin and Madrid.


Frank Oriti

Frank Oriti is an artist based in Cleveland, Ohio.


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