20th Anniversary Kickstarter

We are very excited to announce our Kickstarter campaign to create a book for the 20th Anniversary of Design is Kinky in 2018. We would love to have your support. Check the Kickstarter page for more information. Thanks!


Denise Nestor

Dublin based illustrator Denise Nestor produces very beautiful work.


Phillip Van

Beautiful work by US photographer and filmmaker Phillip Van.

Sergio Membrillas

Lovely illustration work by Spanish illustrator Sergio Membrillas.


Colleen Blackard

Big fan of the drawings of US artist Colleen Blackard.


Kyle Barnes

Stunning realism in the portraits of UK artist Kyle Barnes.


Katerina Belkina

Amazing work by Russian fine art photographer Katerina Belkina.

Ron English Exhibitions

The always amazing Ron English has a show opening in early December at Corey Helford Gallery.

Claudio Turri

Lovely work by Italian photographer Claudio Turri.

Akihito Takuma

Loving the subtle tones and use of perspective in the work of Japanese artist Akihito Takuma.


Maegan Brown

Beautiful work by Melbourne based fine art photographer Maegan Brown.

David Earle

Uk based artists David Earle creates stunning realist work of city scenes.


Patrick Sluiter

Loving the unique and odd characters and style of work by New York designer/artist Patrick Sluiter.


Mikael Stahle

Helsinki, Finland based photographer Mikael Stahle.

Alma Haser

German born, London based photographer Alma Haser creates unique portraits.


Dorian Vallejo

US based artist Dorian Vallejo.


Jor Ros

Enjoying the work of Spanish illustrator Jor Ros.


Marek Okon

Nice work by Polish photographer Marek Okon.

Script & Seal

Script & Seal is an illustration studio by Liz Meyer & Gavin Potenza.

Matthew Ord

Loving the work of Californian photographer Matthew Ord. His ‘Valley of Death’ series is amazing.

Paul Cristina

Enjoying the textured multi-material work of US artist Paul Cristina.


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