Joe Hengst

San Francisco based artist Joe Hengst.


Freda Chiu

The bizarre world of Freda Chiu.


Dave Homer

Nice illustration work by Australian artist Dave Homer.


Jess Marlow Exhibition

Talented Australian documentary photographer, Jesse Marlow, has a show opening in Melbourne at Lamington Drive next week. The opening is 11 May 6-9pm.

Oliver Barrett

Illustration work by Cleveland, Ohio based Oliver Barrett.



Anonymous, a studio based in Singapore, produce beautiful design work.

Sebastian Weiss

Hamburg based architecture photographer Sebastian Weiss.


London based creative agency Sawdust, a partnership between Rob Gonzalez and Jonathan Quainton, produce stylish typography and branding.

Goto Atsuko

Stunning detail in the work of Japanese artist Goto Atsuko.


Alistair Tucker

British landscape painter Alistair Tucker.


Danila Tkachenko

Beautiful work by documentary photographer Danila Tkachenko.

Julia Fullerton-Batten

Beautiful work from London based photographer Julia Fullerton-Batten.

Eero Lampinen

Eero Lampinen is a talented graphic designer and illustrator from Helsinki, Finland.

Print Isn't Dead

We here at Design is Kinky always knew that, thankfully, print publications would never go away. Print Isn’t Dead magazine sets out to prove it.

Dougie Wallace

Gritty work from Scottish documentary photographer Dougie Wallace.

Marcos Chin

Marcos Chin is an illustrator based in Brooklyn.


Eloy Morales

Spanish hyper-real painter Eloy Morales.


Simon Butterworth

Stunning aerial shots, and more, from Scottish photographer Simon Butterworth.

Empty Magazine Crowd-Funding

Empty, a print mag published by Design is Kinky, is hoping to crowd-fund the second edition of their Annual issue. We have setup some great Rewards, including one that allows you to print one of your artworks in the upcoming issue. Check out our page for details on all the Rewards on offer. We hope you can support the magazine!

Autumn Whitehurst

Brooklyn based illustrator Autumn Whitehurst.


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